How to Set a Slip Trap on Topaz

Connor Blair
2 min readDec 18, 2020

For this tutorial, we are going set a slip trap to create an SVC dump on a mainframe using Topaz. If you would like to learn more about slip traps, checkout this link.

To do that we need to open the console.

Select the console options menu and select “z/OS Console”.

Enter the following command to set your slip. The “IF” means this slip is an instruction fetch. An instruction fetch slip will create an SVC dump when an offset within a module is executed on the system. For example, this instruction fetch slip create an SVC dump when offset “002BEE” is executed in module “EXAMPLE”. Note, there can only be one “IF” slip set on the system at a time.

To display the slips currently set on the system, execute the following command:

If everything is working successfully, the slip “TST0” should have status “ENABLED”.

To delete the slip trap, execute the command:

That’s it!