Allocating an APF Authorized Load Dataset on Topaz

Connor Blair
2 min readAug 20, 2020


Load Datasets are libraries that hold executables that can run on the system. On Mainframes, some of these executables need to run from an authorized library to access system functions that can affect the security of the system. For this tutorial, we will create an APF authorized load dataset using Topaz. If you would like to learn more about Topaz, checkout the link.

Within the host explorer, right click on “z/OS datasets” then “Allocate” then select “PDS or Sequential Dataset”.

Update the dataset properties and select “Finish”. For this tutorial we will be creating a PDS dataset. PDS Datasets have a fixed directory size so make sure you allocate enough space. The below example should be good enough for a personal dataset.

Now we need to APF Authorize the dataset. To do that we need to open the console.

Select the console options menu and select “z/OS Console”.

Enter the following command to authorize your dataset.